Epoxy for Concrete Floors

Services with S-CHEM

S-Cem can meet all your industrial and decorative epoxy flooring coating needs with high performance, when you need epoxy for concrete floors in a variety of environments, from offices and factories to power plants and chemical plants, meeting all the needs that both decorative as well as functional are from a wide range. of products.

We can do all work to your specifications or work with the manufacturer's representatives to provide a specification that meets your requirements.

Why Use Epoxy for Concrete Floors?

For a strong, durable finish that lasts.

Concrete Floor Epoxy is chemical resistant making it the best finish for factories and work areas.

Easy to Clean



Advantages Of Epoxy for Concrete Floors

Durable and easy to clean

Ideal for warehouses and industrial applications

Resists oil stains and water

Creates a seamless surface that can last many years

Can be combined with paints and colors to mask off chips and cracks

Provides a chemically resistant surface ideal for manufacturing plants

Offers enhanced safety when the surface contains anti-slip additives

Can be applied in different patterns to create visible driveways and/or identify walkable areas

Prevents wear and tear on existing concrete floors

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